NPR’s Scott Simon: ‘Cyclists think they’re above the law.’

1. Scott Simon: Read through the article on Scott Simon’s discussion of cyclists.  Summarize (and comment?) on the article. (Do you agree / disagree / agree with some and not with others?

Although I don’t understand the fascination with Scott Simon’s views on bike riders, I do think he has a popular belief. Basically, there are people who are annoyed by bike riders, and then there are people who stand up for bike riders (usually they are bike riders themselves). In this article, the author is explaining that the argument about bike riders as being disrespectful to traffic laws is a relevant issue. He asks his audience why people are irritated by bike riders when they should feel sympathetic for their case as vulnerable to drivers on the road.

Based on the comments on this article there are so many different opinions on what’s best for the safety of car drivers and bicyclists. For instance, the first comment on this article is someone who supports his idea that bike riders are safer not abiding by traffic laws because of the technicalities of left hand turns or red lights. However, at the end of his comment he attacks Simon, calling him a “cheap shot artist” and “ethically challenged”, making himself appear more credible than Simon on the issue. I disagree with the fact that bikers are not equivalent to people driving their car. I think it is a drivers responsibility to watch out for bikers, even if they are supposed to follow the traffic laws. I always watch for cars, pedestrians and bikers and always assume people are going to be  stupid.

BINGO this person, “squaredeal” commented in a reply to “nitrat”, explaining, “No. We don’t get scared of cyclists while driving. We exercise patience, knowing that in the city, we’re not “losing” any time being “stuck” behind them…we’re just going to get the next red light anyway. We pass them, with a minimum of three feet (bc we know they may need room to maneuver for any number of reasons), when it is safe to do so.
It’s actually REALLY easy and involves the most basic of driving skills like moving your foot to brake and/or cover the brake, steering with at least one arm, anticipation of what the traffic around you is doing or might do, and paying full attention to the most dangerous thing most of us will do on any given day..piloting a multi-ton vehicle at speeds humans weren’t designed to operate at.” THIS COMMENT IS ME. I think that people are too selfish in driving and don’t consider what we have learned in the past when it comes to being aware of pedestrians, bikers, motorcyclists, etc. Obviously we are supposed to give them three feet of space when we pass them. People need to practice patience more often in this fast pace world we live in.

Further down is a comment by  “cyraxote” who states: “I think the real problem, for drivers and cyclists, is ignorance.” I agree with this statement as well because in the grand scheme of things, drivers can be stupid, and so can cyclists. So, basically, cyclists shouldn’t be blamed and neither should car drivers. As long as everyone is following the rules and WATCHING OUT FOR PEOPLE WHO AREN’T, then no one should complain. Always be prepared for ignorant people, because they are out there, and there’s nothing we can do about it.


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