Strewn thumbtacks create chaos for cyclists in Va. Beach

1. Read and summarize this article about tacks on the road, Virginia Beach

5 years ago thumb tacks were deliberately spread across a bike route in Virginia Beach. According to the article, this led to more than 100 flat tires and at least two injuries. A cyclists claims that the thumb tack event was a scheme for drivers to get back at bicyclists for past incidents that caused them to suffer consequences. However, police were unable to provide further information on possible suspects or reasons for the incident. The thumb tacks caused cyclists to come to an abrupt stop, and would plunge into the air.

I’m fascinated with the fact that thumb tacks, a group of teeny tiny sharp objects, caused such a great amount of destruction. Not only that, but the fact that someone DELIBERATELY placed them on the road to cause harm to bicyclists? Sounds like a group of high school bullies to me. I mean, I get that bicyclists can be difficult to move around and sometimes cause traffic even worse, car accidents. But when we learn how to drive we learn specific precautions on going around bike riders or walkers. Pedestrians and bicyclists always have the right of way. I’m taken aback at this article because it even says the route was a BIKE ROUTE, not even a route that bikers aren’t supposed to be on. Where I’m from, there are bike lanes everywhere, and people respect those lanes. However, because where I live has many hills and many blind spots, it’s very dangerous for bikers to ride on busy roads. But that doesn’t mean drivers should come up with a way to put them in more harm. Sounds like their idea was to scare them away from the roads, but instead they made their route more dangerous than it was before.



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