Based on the articles I’ve read on pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, and the way risks are perceived, I’ve gained knowledge on another population and community of people. Specifically, what I still can’t understand is why people would deliberately throw tacks on the road to cause harm to bikers, and even themselves. I also didn’t know there was such a large group of people who were “anti-bicyclists” and “anti-cars.” I don’t think I fall under either category, and I never thought that a specific group of people “own” the road. But after reading Sadik-Kahl’s chapter on bike infrastructure, it’s clear that there is a huge problem, or “War on Bikes.” I also never considered the term “risk” as an ambiguous word. Clearly, the author who wrote “Don’t make bicyclists more visible. Make drivers stop hitting theml,” had an opinion on helmet risk, and how there is a lack of risk because the real risk are drivers. When has wearing a helmet ever been excused at all? I wouldn’t feel right as a biker without a helmet.

Based on the comments posted on the articles, it’s clear that there is some heated discussion on how bikers handle the roads and how car drivers handle the roads as well. Each comment spanned from a paragraph with heavy language to just a sentence on how outraged people were. Many commenters looked at the facts, while others just used emotion. In the bicycling world, many people feel as though the road is being fought over, and that some believe they have rightful ownership over it. My question is, when will people come to face that biking is a vehicle too? That driving is just as much a risk as riding a bike is or taking a walk, no matter where we are. Every day we take risks by being human beings. The best we can do is be careful, watch others, be mindful, and be patient. However, from these articles, I’m learning that it’s not that easy.


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