Share the Road Signs


This article discusses the removal of road signs in Delaware that cautioned drivers and bicyclists to “share the road.” The author explains that the signs were interpreted in an ambiguous way by both motorists and cyclists, for example, cyclists believed it was a way of asking them to stop “hogging” the road, and for drivers to literally share the lane with bicyclists, which was incorrect.

Evidence through research further explains that these road signs were indeed interpreted differently throughout a range of audiences. A survey was done to find answers to the questions, “when confronted with a “Share the Road” sign, a “Bicyclists May Use Full Lane” sign, or a sharrow painted on the roadway surface, did respondents think the cyclist should cede position to let the driver pass in the same lane? Should the driver wait for an opportunity to pass in the adjacent lane? Did they think it’s legal for the cyclist to take the lane? Did they think it’s safe?” The conclusion was that the “Share the Road” sign had no use at all, and the respondents didn’t clearly see how cyclists had an equal right to the road.



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