Approaches to improve safety


Based on Cialdini’s ideas on commitment and consistency, approaches that could improve safety could be as simple as asking the community to start from small actions so that they have to stick to it. This is the example of foot-in-door, where a small request creates a compliance with larger subsequent requests. Another idea that involves commitment is making public commitments, which will make people less likely to back out. According to Cialdini, “persons who go through a great deal of trouble or pain to attain something tend to value it more highly than persons who attain the same thing with a minimum of effort.” In Cialdini’s view of the reciprocity rule, another way to improve safety is to make the community feel indebted to society. In terms of safety, the community or neighborhood could be persuaded to be a part of a safety campaign if it’s implied that what they give is appreciated and will be rewarded.


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