Delhomme’s Road Safety Campaign


Delhomme’s road safety campaign contains “a manual for designing, implementing and evaluating road safety communication campaigns, an evaluation tool aimed at helping users assessing the campaign’s effectiveness, and a reporting tool that provides clear guidelines for writing a complete and standardized campaign report.” Delhomme argues that there is no sure way to tell if safety campaigns are effective if there isn’t a guideline to carry them out. For example, the article says, “without rigorous evaluation and reporting it is very difficult for us to learn the lessons that will help us design better campaigns in the future.” The author supports this argument further by stating that campaigns should be focusing on informing, persuading or motivating people to change their behavior or beliefs on road safety. There are six steps that can be taken to organize a campaign on safety, which includes identifying the problem, getting a team on board, defining the campaign’s objectives, coming up with a strategy, implementing and then evaluating the campaign.


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