Recommendations for JMU

Have a look at two web sites from other institutions:

  1. Stanford’s sustainable transportation:

This website suggests different ways of sustainable transportation for Stanford University. It includes videos of real-life experiences on commuters who ride the train, bus, or ride a bike to campus to help inform curious commuters. On the same page, there are resources to help guide commuters with maps and plans on shuttles, carpools, vanpools, and even different programs. The website even has a Custom Commute Plan for Stanford affiliates. This gives someone the opportunity to find their transit and/or bike options by choosing from the planning tool or customer commute plan request, where they identify sustainable options for them.

  1. UC Davis’s

This website has tons of information on the famous bicycle program at the school, including bicycle licenses, bicycle maps and directions, bicycle education and advice, bike parking, etc. With all the resources on bikes, it is easy to gain knowledge on an alternative way of transportation that’s easy and built in to the school.

  1. Now have a look at JMU’s transportation site:

Compared to the other sites, JMU’s transportation website is lacking a heavy sense of pride in their sustainable, alternative modes of transportation. However, the transportation page includes ample information on buses, walking, biking, carpooling, bike sharing, safe rides, parking, vanpools, etc. Specifically, the bike section is not as satisfying as the other websites are because it only includes a short synopsis on bike racks, air pumps, bike safety, and includes a bike map. There are no videos, and there are no programs listed that students could get involved in. There should be a pdf on education and advice like the UC Davis page, because this could increase the amount of bicyclists in the JMU community.


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