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image: morguefile.com

I am interested in the topic on, “Feeding bodies well and preparing ourselves physically to be able to bike or walk (might fit with health)” this is similar to the surgeon general’s call to action, Health education (walking/biking/moving), another topic I am interested in. Personally, I take good care of my body when it comes to nutrients and exercising. But I’d like to further educate myself on the proper meals and nutrients needed to go on a long hike or bike ride. After searching for the best walking initiatives, there is a website for the American College of Sports Medicine that has a campaign called, Every Body Walk!. The campaign is “aimed at getting more Americans up and moving.” This encourages people to walk 30 minutes a day, five days a week really can improve one’s overall health and prevent disease. Another topic I am interested in is the design of walkable cities. After reading, “How Walkable Communities Are Good for Us” on the huffingtonpost, it is clear that there is an ongoing argument about the benefits of walkable communities not only for the health of the cities, but for the safety of the roads.


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