JMU Freshman Orientation Video


The video starts out with JMU’s President Alger expressing the importance of being educated and enlightened citizens that lead productive lives, and how this is the foundation that JMU strives for. Then, he mentions that environmental stewardship is what we strive for as well, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The student body vice president comes up next, describing her role in helping JMU stay active and safe. This includes bike safety, where she briefly reminds the viewers to always use hand signals, go with the flow of traffic, and obey traffic laws. She also quickly states the attire that students should wear, ending with a “always ride defensively.” The VP speeds through more guidelines, such as watch for other cars, be aware of cars blind spots, watch out for buses, passengers, don’t carry items, cyclists shouldn’t wear headphones…etc. After that whirlwind of an “education” on biking, she pauses to tell students that they need to register their bikes at the police department for the city of Harrisonburg. Next, the video talks about where to leave your bike. Not inside, but in your dorm room or locked to a bike rack. If people leave their bikes and are not enrolled at JMU, their bikes can be taken and sold because it is considered government property. Next up is a bike expert JMU alum from Bluestone Bike & Run. This expert quickly goes through an education on how to ride in the streets of Harrisonburg. The next speaker is also a JMU alum that opened up his own bicycle company, the Shenandoah Bicycle Company, who provides us with a sticky story that inspires students to become a part of the biking community because of the stories behind the JMU alum and how he got to be involved with bikes. He also gives an educational segment on motorists, skateboarders, and bicyclists when it comes to accidents and riding at night. David Frazier discusses his experiences at the Frazier Quarry, who talks about pedestrian safety, and how pedestrians should interact with different speeds of cars, motorists, and bicyclists. This includes how to run, walk, what to wear, what to pay attention to, and what to avoid such as listening to music or drinking. The Mayor appears towards the end of the video to introduce the beginning of what will be the Master Plan, and how it’s objective is to connect the city of Harrisonburg with the JMU campus.

This video should be separated into different videos and put more into depth to provide a slower, easier understanding of the biking community. If each member of this video committed to one educational video based on a certain subject, it’d be easier to navigate on the JMU page instead of having to watch a whole 10 minute video worth 30 minutes of information. Although it includes members of the bicycling community, they focus too much on their background story instead of using their bicycling knowledge in a beneficial way, such as showing the audience themselves.


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