University of Utah


This video is MUCH shorter than JMU’s bike safety video. However, this video is more of a promotion of the “bicycle friendly” title that the University of Utah has received. With a jumpy song and a high-energy feel, this video is hosted by a female student bicyclist who educates the viewer on lanes on campus as well as promotes the Safe Sidewalks campaign to encourage that sidewalks are to be shared and people need to be aware of their surroundings. She mentions the plan that the school has to reduce bike theft by providing information on free u-locks that are given out by the police department. The closest thing to a “sticky story” in this video is the use of the Safe Sidewalks campaign, which is aimed to inspire the community to be respectful and responsible when riding on sidewalks. This story could be adjusted so that there is a real story behind it that can encourage or further create emotion behind the need to have a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians. An example of this would be something similar to the UC Davis videos of students talking about their encounters with friends who didn’t wear helmets and got injured.



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